• Concept design
  • Schematic design
  • Interior design
  • Detailed design
  • Renovation project
  • Design adaptation
  • Field supervision

Wide range of architectural engineering and design services. We implement ambitious and creative projects in residential and public architecture. The company is engaged in designing of various degrees of complexity from interior design of public purposes to industrial facilities. The company offers original author’s solutions for each object. At elaboration of conceptual projects, first of all we pay attention to exclusivity, creativity and originality of the idea. In designing we use all modern requirements for comfort and convenience in compliance with environmental protection.


  • Measurement works
  • Interior design

FIT-OUT is a complex of work in designing, construction, finishing and engineering equipment of internal spaces of buildings and structures. Lighthouse Kazakhstan provides services in Design&Build format where we independently implement all stages from designing to commissioning, as well we perform functions of a general contractor in construction of office interiors under already prepared designs.

As a rule Lighthouse Kazakhstan commence operation as a consultant at a final stage of the choice of premises. Test designing for some premises, included in the short-list, helps the Client to decide on the most beneficial and efficient use of premises.

Then we start the design stage and choice of finishing materials, upon which Lighthouse Kazakhstan commences direct implementation of the project. In case of projects to be implemented asap, the design team of Lighthouse Kazakhstan arrives the site immediately upon approval of design with the Client, which allows shortening the total time of the project implementation.
Within the scope of this direction, it is important to ensure coherence and coordination of works at each stage of the project, as delays at any stage can have a negative impact on implementation of the project as a whole. Lighthouse Kazakhstan has optimal structure and all the required resources for implementation of such projects in “one window” Client-friendly way.


  • Measurement works
  • Interior design

Turn-Key is a complex of works on comprehensive study of client requirements to office interior and its plumbing installation,to getanobjective conceptionof capabilities of existing premises, development of solutions on renovation of the existing office or search of a new office with involvement of leading broker companies, development of the project and “turn-key” construction of office interior according to the requirement of the client.

This service is focused on those customers who have a number of important technical specificationsto an interior,requiring involvement ofprofile experts. As a rule, study of several offers suitable according togeneral criteria is carried out after development of these requirements.Adetailed report is compiled for each option,in which special attention is paid to parameters critical for the client and several options of test designs are developed.

Upon completion of the choice of the premises stage,weinitiateimplementation of the interior project according to schemes of fit-out services.


  • Interaction on behalf of the Client with all municipalservices;
  • Obtaining of source-licensing documentation for design and implementation of construction works;
  • Commissioning.