The story of our Design Bureau started in 2006 in Almaty city. The company has a 1st category state license, and renders services in architectural and engineering design of civil and industrial facilities. For 12 years, we have designed more than 200 projects in 12 cities of the country.
Our highly skilled, certified team covers all design fields. Lighthouse Kazakhstan’s team combines charismatic people educated in Kazakhstan and abroad. Each of them has a high potential and great opportunities in terms of creative activity. The Company appreciates efficient and creative energy, ability to express themselves freely and creatively.
Our corporate portfolio contains over two hundred various projects of Civil and Industrial purposes. These are public buildings, shopping and business centers, housing estates and hotels, schools, health care institutions, plants and infrastructure facilities etc.


Almas Zhumanov was born on February 17, 1983 in Kazakh family in Almaty city. Almas is the second and middle child in family of three children.

From 1989 to 1999, Almas Zhumanov studied at Kazakh high school №128 named after M. Auezov in Almaty city.

In 1999 having passed entrance exams for “Tourism” faculty ofthe Kazakh AgroTechnical University, unexpectedly, before starting of education he retook the exams and entered the Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (КazGASA), then Almaty Architectural and Construction Institute (AACI) on “Architecture” faculty.

Thanks to his great performance, excellent progress and constant eagerness for innovation, he took a part on behalf of Academy in various International master classes and educational programs, and then he started his professional career as a furniture designer in the third year of education. Furtherhis professional searches brought him into various architectural workshops, and studying in the fifth year, final year of education, he became a Chief Project Architect in a small company and got his first experience in the management field. 

In 2006, two years later after obtaining the Bachelor’s degree inArchitect, he started a design company “Saulet-Oner”jointly with two his colleague and fellow students. 


LIGHTHouse Kazakhstan

The history of the Company started in 2008 with acquisition of international relations and partners. In the same year the Company was renamed into “LIGHTHouse Kazakhstan”, a new service “Design Adaptation” was introduced and participated in ambitious projects, such as “Esentai Mall”, Ritz-Carlton, “Haileybury Astana” etc.

Since 2010, the Company has expanded the activity and obtained construction license. For the entire period of activity, we produced the image” of the Company and have established own management system in two directions: Design and Development. We gained enormous expertise in architectural and engineering design.

In 2016, the Company started its active operation in the USA market, particularly our new office LIGHTHouse USA Corporation was opened in Los Angeles, where our US team develops the projects focused on innovation.