Each project for us is especially important and unique, requires to itself the separate liability and professionalism in case of its development. We offer, full range of services which will allow to cooperate to you with our company – bearing responsibility for all process of creation of Your  Masterpiece.

Concept Development – Preliminary work on the objects concept is a most optimal means for determining a cost and get an idea of ​​your project, a functional scheme, architectural:

  • Analysis of an area of expected construction of your object;
  • Analysis of world experience;
  • Identification of the main objectives and requirements;
  • Development of conceptual solutions.

Design Development – it is designing to pass regulations in your area and receive allowing documents for the further design:

  • Development of the Design Development according to standards and the requirements, the Republic of Kazakhstan operating in the territory;
  •  Coordination and approval of the Design Development you;
  • Development of demonstration materials according to your project;
  • Calculation of necessary loadings for request to connection to city networks of communications;
  • Arrangement in the relevant instances.

Construction Development – final and most disaggregated space-planning decisions which are the main set of the documents required for accomplishment of Construction-and-installation works by the Contractor. Construction Development (CD) is a top of a project iceberg, its task to determine constructive and composite solutions of architectural complexes, types of buildings and constructions, priority of their construction and reconstruction, engineering support, transport servicing. Solutions of questions of the organization of a relief, engineering preparation of the territory, organization and construction cost. In other words – Construction Development is your idea and the dream realized on paper and completely ready to become reality, both in constructive, and in legal sense:

  • Creation of Technical Specification on designing, development of  Accepted Decision Card, accomplishment and coordination with you the Progress Schedule;
  • Coordination of design process;
  • Interaction with city services;
  • Development of the Construction Development in full, in compliance with regulations and the requirements, the Republic of Kazakhstan operating in the territory;
  • Coordination of technical solutions in the relevant instances of the city;
  •  Receipt of positive conclusion of the examination according to the developed Construction Development.

Interior Design – developed for the finishing works, reflects all interior solutions:

  • Interior Design Development;
  • Matching and arrangement with you finishing materials and furniture;
  • Interaction with manufacturers and suppliers of materials.

Project Adaptation  – when designing object by the foreign company, it is necessary to provide adaptable works for ensuring compliance of this specific project to Construction standards, rules and requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  • Coordination of design process;
  • Interaction with city services;
  • Consultation of foreign designers – authors of this specific project on compliance of the main to Construction standards, rules and requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Technical translation of documentation of this specific project;
  •  Representation of interests of the author of this specific project in the relevant instances;
  • Renewal of this specific project according to the main to Construction standards, rules and requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Accomplishment of special sections of the project.

 Site supervision – supervision-control over accomplishment of all project decisions, the solution of technical issues according to the project, arising at you or at Your Contractor:

  • Control over a course of accomplishment of all our project decisions and quality of accomplishment of construction-and-installation works and their compliance to the project.

Project Management for Construction:

  • Coordination of Construction-and-installation works;
  • Project development of the organizations of construction and the Progress  schedule – coordination and statement by you;
  • A choice of the General contract construction organization, the contract and Subcontract organizations on a tender basis;
  • Representation of interests of the Customer in all imperious, supervising, controlling and other interested instances;
  • The organization and conducting technical supervision over a course of construction of your object and observance of necessary standards and requirements;
  • The organization and observance of standards of Labor protection and Safe engineering in case of construction of your object;
  • The organization and conducting quality control of carried-out construction works, completion dates and an adherence to deadline of commissioning of your object, control over effective use of economic, labor and technical resources.

Legal support of the project:

  • Interaction on behalf of the Client with all services of the city imperious, supervising, controlling and other interested instances;
  • Obtaining initially-licensing  documentation for designing and production of   construction-and-installation works;
  • The organization of your object in operational.